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Oil Intel welcomes Scott Bruhns to the team

April 28, 2016

Scott Bruhns joined Oil Intel in January 2016, taking up the role of general manager.  Scott has worked in management roles in the automotive industry most recently he was the fixed operations manager for Sime Darby Automobiles NZ Ltd, a role he...Read more

A new name for a new beginning

April 28, 2016

Oil Intel Support Office – Hastings As many of you will be aware, we’ve changed our look and our name!  Oil Imports is now Oil Intel. The change of name to Oil Intel marks a new chapter in our story and signals a stronger presence in...Read more

Rotorua Job Opportunities (2)

January 12, 2016

We currently have two vacancies in our Rotorua branch. Please click on the links below for more details and how to apply. Sales/Business Development: Rotorua Sales Operations Support Rotorua...Read more

Caughey aims high at SuperBoat opener

December 10, 2015

World SuperBoat champion Peter Caughey is pumped just hours before he leaves his Canterbury home base en route for the opening round of the Suzuki New Zealand SuperBoat series at Meremere on December 12. “ENZED and Total are confirmed back...Read more

Introducing Cargo Oil

December 9, 2015

          Swedish company Cargo Oil AB is the largest supplier of food grade lubricants in Scandinavia, with manufacturing plants in seven countries and distribution networks across Europe, Australia and now New...Read more

Top Lube Tips

December 9, 2015

Advice for Automatic Lubricators When using automatic grease lubricators set for several months, draw a line and date at the level of lube with each weekly inspection. This allows you to instantly spot a plugged or faulty lubricator. Oil Intel...Read more

Rubia TIR 9900 10W-40 diesel engine oil (EURO 6)

September 11, 2015

Like all automotive lubricants, diesel engine oils have adapted over the past 20 years to meet American or European OEM specifications.  This has resulted in operators with mixed vehicle fleets carrying a variety of oils. With the introduction of...Read more

Ceran XM 220

September 11, 2015

Total have successfully developed a patented super complexing process, modifying the properties of the calcium sulphonate greases. The Ceran range of greases has exceptional properties and have been proven to show a reduction in consumption of up to...Read more

Lube Shuttle

September 11, 2015

Lube Shuttle delivers every last drop of grease, which creates greater efficiency and saves you money and time. Conventional grease cartridges often have a percentage of grease retained that is unreachable.  The Lube Shuttle delivers all the grease...Read more

Greasymat – Automatic Lubricator

September 11, 2015

A ready-to-use, automatic and refillable single-point lubricator, Greasymat is ideally suited to areas of your plant and equipment where greasing is irregular or accessibility is limited.  Its 10 bar ejection pressure allows Greasymat to be placed...Read more


Any equipment that operates in the natural environment has the potential to be a source of pollution in the event of an accidental oil spillage.

This has to be one good reason for using biodegradable lubricants for your operations in the natural environment.

Oil Intel Ltd offers a broad range of Bio Lubricants for many applications.

Greenplus by Amtex is a new range of forestry and sawmilling products produced by Greenland Corporation in Canada.  We are the sole authorised importer and distributor for this range.

The Total Bio Lubricants range of products have broader uses including hydraulic, engine oils, gear oils and greases.