A new name for a new beginning

April 28, 2016
Oil Intel Support Office - Hastings

Oil Intel Support Office – Hastings

As many of you will be aware, we’ve changed our look and our name! 

Oil Imports is now Oil Intel.

The change of name to Oil Intel marks a new chapter in our story and signals a stronger presence in the lubricant market.

Oil Imports was established in 1999, with Reuben Thickpenny and Colin Francis purchasing the business in 2004. Much has changed in the New Zealand oil industry over the past 10 years and for many years we were simply oil importers and distributors, with Oil Imports being an entirely appropriate name.  But as we have grown as a company and expanded our offering, we felt Oil Imports no longer reflected who and what we are.

Oil Intel is about giving you, our customers, industry and lubricant intelligence.  Inside our business we are educating and developing the intelligence in our people to help you keep your business moving.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to representing Total in New Zealand.  Total remains our core product range and we will continue to be its authorised distributor. While Total gives us the confidence to supply high quality products, Oil Intel represents local expertise, knowledge and service – the intelligence behind the oil.

We worked with leading design and branding company Coast & Co, based in Hawke’s Bay to design our new look.  The elements creating the circle signify the 24/7 nature of our business and the single red element refers to Oil Intel’s added value – the intelligence we apply to solutions for our customers.  In its simplest form, the logo represents the view down a pipe, hose or conduit; it can also be read as a gauge or dial.

The new name and logo were launched on 18 April to our branches, distributors and the wider NZ oil and lubricant industry.  We are really pleased that the rebrand has been met with such positivity – in fact our Gisborne branch that has been operating under the Fluid Connections name has requested they rebrand to Oil Intel Hydraulics.  Congratulations!

If you’d like any more information on what Oil Intel can do for your business or if you have any comments, please get in touch. Email us info@oilintel.co.nz

2 responses to “A new name for a new beginning”

  1. KEVIN says:

    i think it is a mistake to drop the total name your new name means nothing if we are promoting a brand to our customers good luck looks like you used a marketing company that does not understand your product

    • Oil Intel says:

      Hi Kevin

      Thanks for your feedback. We have not dropped the Total brand at all. Total is, and will remain, our core product brand.

      Oil Imports (now Oil Intel) has been the authorised distributor for Total lubricants for over 15 years and this will continue. The reason we have rebranded is because we offer so much more than just an oil importing and distribution business. Oil Intel provides technical, marketing, logistics, and industry specialist services.

      Again thanks for the feedback and if you have any further questions please let us know.

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