Battery range now at Oil Intel

January 20, 2017

Oil Intel is now the NEPS Battery Rangeew Zealand distribution network for Enirgi Power Storage NZ Ltd.

We can now offer our customers a complete range of deep cycle and standard batteries and power storage solutions in all categories from automotive, commercial and marine, to leisure, industrial and solar. This includes Trojan, Ritar and Discover products as well Enirigi’s own brand.

Enirgi Power Storage (a division of Enirgi Group), has over 150 staff and has its headquarters in Australia, supported with a New Zealand location in Manukau, Auckland.

Recycling of used lead-acid batteries is a cornerstone of Enirgi’s positioning.  In Australia there is a very well established programme with a unique EPA-compliant battery collection and recycling programme with over 12,000 collection points. In addition to boasting an ISO14001 environmental accredited collection network, Enirgi’s own world-class, modern Australasian-based facilities recycle 97% of a used lead acid battery to the highest standard.

The New Zealand Enirgi team is working to establish a similar programme here which will be a first in the industry in New Zealand.

Oil Intel is constantly looking for ways to improve our product offering and customer service and one way we are doing this is by providing complementary solutions.

For more information about the new battery range please contact your local Oil Intel rep or call us on 0508 345 678.


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  1. Mike Dow says:

    P.S. I have left a voice message on Derricks cell phone, but have not had a response as yet. This is a matter of some urgency, hence this follow up email.


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