Rubia Works 2000 – Formulated for Quarry/Mining

June 13, 2017

Total are pleased to announce the introduction of Total Rubia Works 2000 10W-40.  This is Total’s first specially formulated diesel engine oil specifically for off road earthmoving and construction and the only off road engine oil approved by JASO with the DH-2 spec.

Rubia Works 2000 10W-40 has been designed as a high performance diesel engine oil for use in equipment operating in mines, quarries or other earthmoving operations. It is used generally for engines that are required to operate for long periods at full capacity or with repeated acceleration and idling cycles. The low SAP characteristics of this oil makes it suitable for engines with and without particulate filters.

Rubia Works 2000 10W-40 is approved against JASO DH-2, meets ACEA level E7/E9, and exceeds API CJ-4/ CI-4 plus/ SM specifications. Although specifically developed for Japanese equipment, Rubia Works 2000 10W-40 can also be used with European and American engines. It has Mercedes-Benz, Deutz, Volvo, MAN, MTU, Cummins and Renault approvals, and meets the specification, or is suitable for the use in the engines of a wide range of vehicles found throughout the earthmoving and construction sectors.

Mobile equipment operated in the quarrying, mining or construction sectors experience different conditions than those operating in the commercial transport sector. The exposure to extended idling, high loads and rough terrain place additional pressure on all components, particularly in New Zealand where equipment is constantly operated at full capacity.  The availability of an engine oil to better combat the pressures exerted on an engine under these tougher conditions is the reason Rubia Works 2000 10W-40 has been introduced. The formulation of the Rubia Works 2000 10W-40 is designed to ensure that your mobile equipment will be afforded the protection required to maintain reliability and improve performance.

Nick Thomas, Mining Business Development Manager – Total Asia Pacific & Middle East Region will be presenting at the Quarry NZ conference at the ANZ Viaduct Centre Auckland in July.

For more information please contact Martin Hammond, Regional Manager Oil Intel on 027 550 6651 or email

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