Total Lube Shuttle

November 1, 2016

Lube Shuttle delivers every last drop of grease, which creates greater efficiency and saves you money and time. Conventional grease cartridges often have a percentage of grease retained that is unreachable.  The Lube Shuttle delivers all the grease in the gun and the open bottom cavity also enables the user to see what quantity of grease is left in the tube, facilitating more efficient work practices.

The Lube Shuttle is a one handed pistol-grip type gun and is manufactured with a zinc plated steel barrel and a solid cast iron head. When used with the ridged grease pipe and coupler, lubrication is hassle free.  Easy to hold one handed, simply push onto the nipple and give the handle 6-10 squeezes.

In New Zealand Lube Shuttle cartridges come in 3 products:

Ceran XM 220 lube shuttle grease is the ‘new generation’ calcium sulphonate complex grease, suitable for a wide range of applications where lithium complex or standard calcium sulfonate grease are currently used.

Nevastane XMF 2 is an aluminium complex grease used in many areas of a food processing plant, particularly where food contact is possible.

Nevastane XS80 is a low temperature extreme-pressure calcium sulfonate complex grease for food and food related industry. Extraordinary water resistance, no significant loss of consistency is observed even with high
amounts of water entering the grease. Resistant to food acids and alkali.

All refill cartridges are 400gm. Available now.

For product enquiries contact us on 0800 868 256 or email us.

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