June 16, 2016

A new high-performing oil to keep forestry operations running smoothly

A new chared drum 200in bar oil specially formulated for Oil Intel for use in the New Zealand forestry industry has been released by lubricant giant, Total.

The new oil has the same ISO VG 220 viscosity grade as Total’s previous 220 product, but now features an increased TAC content to provide extra adhesiveness between the oil and the cutting blade.

“MTC 220 Plus is a chain bar oil that we have had manufactured by Total Singapore at our request, in response to increasing demand from our forestry customers for a higher quality oil that will withstand the demands placed on it,” says Oil Intel’s Reuben Thickpenny.

The new oil is already making its effects felt in forestry businesses around New Zealand.

Nigel Harrison, owner of Wise on Wood in Kerikeri, started using the new Total MTC 220 Plus after “giving up” on his previous chain bar oil.

“The oil we were using was not consistent.  In fact, the last batch had water in it.  So we switched supply to the new 220 Plus.  It’s great – really tacky and we find it so much cleaner to work with.  It’s a much better better oil to lubricate bars and chains with.”

With an excellent flow rate in cold conditions while maintaining a high viscosity in hot conditions, Total MTC 220 is also proving its worth with less bar heat, extended tip life and reduced chain stretch.  For operators, the use of virgin oil in the formulation reduces the chance of dermatitis through skin contact.

“We acknowledge the strong position Oil Intel holds in the forestry industry as a lubricant supplier and we will continue to innovate in this sector.  We will also continue to develop products that meet the requirements of a more sophisticated and demanding forestry industry,” adds Reuben.

Total MTC 220 is available from all Oil Intel branches and distributors.

For product enquiries or to order contact Oil Intel on 0800 868 256 (0800 TOTAL OIL) or email


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Any equipment that operates in the natural environment has the potential to be a source of pollution in the event of an accidental oil spillage.

This has to be one good reason for using biodegradable lubricants for your operations in the natural environment.

Oil Intel Ltd offers a broad range of Bio Lubricants for many applications.

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The Total Bio Lubricants range of products have broader uses including hydraulic, engine oils, gear oils and greases.