Our Pillars

Our staff and distributors are integral to providing the service we expect to customers and as such we need to set the example.

  • We strive constantly to develop, taking the best from all while up holding our principles.
  • We are seen as leaders in our field, smarter not necessarily bigger.
  • We are open and honest in all our dealings.
  • We will always do what we commit to.
  • We communicate openly with our staff, distributors and customers.



Any equipment that operates in the natural environment has the potential to be a source of pollution in the event of an accidental oil spillage.

This has to be one good reason for using biodegradable lubricants for your operations in the natural environment.

Oil Intel Ltd offers a broad range of Bio Lubricants for many applications.

Greenplus by Amtex is a new range of forestry and sawmilling products produced by Greenland Corporation in Canada.  We are the sole authorised importer and distributor for this range.

The Total Bio Lubricants range of products have broader uses including hydraulic, engine oils, gear oils and greases.