Keeping it cool

Oil Intel is switching to Total Coolelf (ready mix) and Glacelf (concentrate) as the advantages this coolant range offers, weigh up heavily against traditional coolants. The application of these coolants means our customers will save money (up to 5 times the longevity!) and downtime, thanks to its outstanding components.

Thanks to OAT, Organic Acid Technology, this component has a significant advantage for the environmental impact of this product: the product has greater biodegradable properties and thanks to its longevity, requires changing far less than traditional coolants. A result not only affecting our planet, but also our budget.

Why is OAT so great:

  • Offers better oxidation stability, reduces scaling and depositing and provides superior protection
  • Can perform for up to five times longer than a traditional coolant
  • Has greater capacity for heat transfer
  • Will extend the life of water pumps
  • Has an improved degree of compatibility with elastomers, plastics and seals found in modern cooling systems


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