Oil Intel supplies Covid-19 essential service providers

MPI Safe Practice Reference: 11443200114

To whom it may concern

Oil Intel continues supply to essential services providers

Oil Intel is a supplier to those identified as essential services providers. This includes food production, freight, transport, ports, logistics and power generation. Our oil products are essential to keep their operations running during the Covid-19 lockdown period. As such, Oil Intel continues supply of oil and other key products to essential services providers only. This applies to both our existing customers as well as essential service providers looking for an alternative oil supplier due to circumstances.

Common goal

Government, businesses and communities have one collective goal with the lockdown: to stop further spreading of Covid-19, which is killing people across the world. To slow the spread of COVID-19 and to keep our employees safe, we have put in place alternative ways of working in our plants. These include:

  • Physical distancing at work – including staggered breaks to avoid large numbers of people in the same place, and maintaining two metres where possible
  • Warehouse staff working in shifts to reduce maximum numbers in our Hastings distribution centre to keep total onsite staff under 5 at all times
  • New restrictions on transport to/from work – e.g. traveling alone or in car with members of the same household
  • Further increased cleaning/disinfection of office and warehousing areas
  • Ongoing raised awareness of personal hygiene and physical distancing
  • Our sites will continue to be closed to non-essential personnel
  • All our office and sales staff are working remotely
  • We implemented a phone system last year that allows us to redirect calls to staff offsite

Key info

Visit www.covid19.govt.nz for advice and guidance.

For any questions about this notification please contact Reuben Thickpenny directly on 027 541 0284 or email reuben@oilintel.co.nz


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