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Star Max FE 10W-30


Very high performance “Low SAPS” lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of materials used in earthmoving, minings or quarries, providing substantial economies within the fuel consumption reduction.

TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 lubricates the Diesel engines of the last generation, notably the engines compliant to the TIER 1, 2, 3 or 4final (Euro Stage I, II, III or IV) standards.

It can lubricate the small gasoline or gas engines and the piston-compressors.

TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 applies in all hydraulic systems, high or low pressure, equipped with very high performance filters.

TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 lubricates the oldest or current gearboxes, manual or powershift.

TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 can be used in all seasons due to its high viscosity index.

Performance Levels:
API CJ-4/CI-4/CI-4+/CH-4
ACEA E9/E7/E5/A3/B4


Engine Application:
Caterpillar ECF-3/ECF-2/ECF-1A
Cummins CES 20081*/78
Komatsu KES 07-851-2
Hitachi DH-2
Deutz DQC III-10 LA*
MTU Category 2.1*
Volvo VDS-4*
Detroit Diesel 93K218
Renault RLD-3/RLD-2*
MAN M 3575*
MB-Approval 228.31*
* Approved

Gearbox Application (conforms to):
Caterpillar TO-4 (SAE 10W & 30)
Komatsu KES 07-868-1
Allison TES 439
Allison C4

Hydraulic application (ISO VG 46 HV, suitable in place of the following products):
JCMA HK 46W (extended drain)
Caterpillar HYDO Advanced 10/30
Komatsu HO-46 (HV)
CNH MAT 3509 – Case MS 1230


Safety Data Sheet

TOT Star Max FE 10w30 SDS

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Star Trans 80W-110


Very high performance lubricant especially developed for the lubrication of gears and final drives of equipment used in public works, minings or quarries.

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 makes it possible to lubricate front or back strongly hypoid axles and loaded final reductions.

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 permits also the cooling and the good work without vibrations of oil immersed brake systems.

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 can also be used in all types of gearboxes, with mechanical or synchronized shifting.

TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 is used all year round, due to its high viscosity index

In certain application cases, TOTAL STAR TRANS 80W-110 must be used in conjunction with the so-called “STAR XL” additive
(Refer to the Technical Data Sheet)

Performance Levels:
CAT FD-1 (SAE 50)
CAT TO-4 (SAE 50)
Komatsu Micro Clutch 


Safety Data Sheet

TOT Star Trans 80w110 SDS

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Star XL


Concentrated solution of additives specifically developed for the cancellation of ‘stick and slip’ and vibrations phenomena which can sometimes occur in Earth Moving, Mining or Quarry machinery axles. It is used in Public-Works or Construction machinery axles when they generate some noise when turning or at the end of braking phases.

Product Sheet


Safety Data Sheet

TOT Star XL 2018_SDS

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Any equipment that operates in the natural environment has the potential to be a source of pollution in the event of an accidental oil spillage.

This has to be one good reason for using biodegradable lubricants for your operations in the natural environment.

Oil Intel Ltd offers a broad range of Bio Lubricants for many applications.

Greenplus by Amtex is a new range of forestry and sawmilling products produced by Greenland Corporation in Canada.  We are the sole authorised importer and distributor for this range.

The Total Bio Lubricants range of products have broader uses including hydraulic, engine oils, gear oils and greases.