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Cargo F-Comp 504/505/506/507


A polyalphaolefin (PAO) based oil giving unsurpassed corrosion protection and excellent shear stability. For use in mobile and stationary piston, screw and rotary vane compressors providing low consumption and long service intervals.

Applications:  Food industry

Available in ISO VG  46 (504), 68 (505), 100 (506), 150 (507).

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Cargo F-Machine 300 Series


An ash-less and zinc free oil developed for a wide range of applications, particularly in the food industry. The use of semi-synthetic base oils provides excellent lubrication over a large temperature and speed range.

Applications:  Central lubricating systems, Gear lubrication, Hydraulic systems, Compressors, Bearings, Stamping

Available in ISO VG 46 (304), 68 (305), 150 (307), 220 (308), 320 (309), 460 (310), 680 (311)

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Nevastane SH 32/46/68/100


Compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic oils. Synthetic (PAO) oils, suitable for incidental food contact.

NEVASTANE SH oils are recommended in the food processing industries for the lubrication of air compressors, vacuum pumps and hydraulic systems especially operating at low temperatures.

NEVASTANE SH formulation, 100% synthetic, based on PAO, provides superior protection and longer service life to the lubricated equipments.

The formulation of NEVASTANE SH oils complies with the FDA chapter 21 CFR, 178.3570.
NEVASTANE SH oils are NSF H1 registered: NEVASTANE SH 32: No 147292 NEVASTANE SH 46: No 147293 NEVASTANE SH 68: No 147294 NEVASTANE SH 100: No 147295
NEVASTANE SH oils are Kosher, Halal and ISO 21469 certified.
International specification: ISO 6743-4 HV.

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Any equipment that operates in the natural environment has the potential to be a source of pollution in the event of an accidental oil spillage.

This has to be one good reason for using biodegradable lubricants for your operations in the natural environment.

Oil Intel Ltd offers a broad range of Bio Lubricants for many applications.

Greenplus by Amtex is a new range of forestry and sawmilling products produced by Greenland Corporation in Canada.  We are the sole authorised importer and distributor for this range.

The Total Bio Lubricants range of products have broader uses including hydraulic, engine oils, gear oils and greases.