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SpillFix Universal Organic Absorbent by Amtex


SpillFix Universal Organic Absorbent by Amtex is a highly stable absorbent that is suitable for use in a wide range of hazardous spill applications including acids and caustics. The inert nature of the media does not cause any reaction with unstable liquid chemicals.

Coir, also known as ‘coir fibre pith”, is a natural and renewable resource that is free of any chemicals and toxins, produced as a by-product when coconut husks are processed for the extraction of the long fibres. The coir is washed, heat treated, screened and graded to a unique absorbent specification before being packaged.

SpillFix Universal Organic Absorbent by Amtex is consistent and uniform in texture and is a completely homogenous material composed of millions of capillary micro-sponges. It has been estimated that the surface area of Coir Peat to be approximately 0.6ha (6000M2) in a single litre of coir. The large surface area is created by the hollow channel structure.

It can absorb and hold up to 9 times its own weight in liquids.

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